Hands waking up in infinitive waters of emotions. Observing motion of sacred cycles of life spinning in ancient three spirals – life – death – rebirth –
Through Earth Body Soul Fire recognizing creativity power expresing through female energy – godess Isis – Mother of Life.
Expanding Heart Mind is opening wings of Phoenix to arrise for the Renewal, honoring cyclically regenerated energies, following direction of Sun consciousness..

Original size 60 x 84 cm
Made with Color pencils on paper

Creation about connecting duality of myself, accepting and honoring with same value my part of shade and part of ligth. Just when both aspects of me can join my inner child can blossom like flower and continue growing. Hands letting waters of emotions to flow freely, surounded by dancind trees and black vulcano earth.

Original size 50 x 70 cm
Color pencils and acrylics on paper

  • DREAM.
    ".. all images are open gates through which the soul can enter the inner world when it is ready. Here you and I and everything else are all one. Every person comes to such an open gate at some time in life but few go through the gate or give up the pretty illusions on this side for what we may sense lies within the reality of the inner."
    Hermann Hesse " Iris"

made with color pencils in size 60*84cm

  • FEAR
    This work is based on emotion of Fear. The path from memories and conditions leads to a moment to meet myself alone in stillness observing infinitive mind labyrinths and cosmic language of patterns, together with touch of nature leading to quiet inner whispering of fear to jump cliff to Unknow, surrender to the Hands of Universe. Spiral is spinning circles of die and reborn… what are you affraid of ?

Made with color pencils on paper
Original size 70 x 90 cm

“You’ve travelled this long
You just have to go on
Don’t even look back to see
How far you’ve come
Though your body is bending
Under the load
There is nowhere to stop
Anywhere on this road”