Love, Healing, Nourishing, Fertility, Feminine, Mother, Sister, Woman.. this is corresponding energies what inspired this creation.

Original size 60 x 90 cm
Made with color pencils

    Gathering together near sacred fire, under trees and beside rivers, we grow when we unite with each another in circles.

Original size 50x70 cm
Made with color pencils and water colors on paper

    This circle is made of eight persons showing eight directions, and also another two directions that is not seen but are spiritual ones - depth and hight. So the circle starts arising from one point from depth in centre and expanding to eight directions, that is infinity number, and continuing expanding to the hights. Colors give message about water and fire, that means by joining forces of feelings and watery flexibility and using force of fire action we grow in infinity circle.

Original size 50x70 cm
Made with color pencils and water color with touch of white acrylic

    This drawing has three main points up there - starting with person in the botton of drawing, flower in the middle and another one in the top.
    Person down in drawing has heart point activated by loving intention to act in power and will; using inner animal strengh and accepting insticts like inner force and guidance ( animal behind person ), mind ( middle flower ) coud be used for act and relate in harmony during each day life, harmonic treatment of body and spirit wakes up the cosmic flow connecting us to higher inteligence ( upper fower ) . This upper flower in the sky have light particles spreading around and nourishing all living beings.
    Original size 50x70cm
    Made on paper with color pencils and some touches of white acrylic.
    Dark stones ( symbol of our physical body ) holding memories, facies and experiences in each its a solid object that could be hard to move or change.. for wake up Wisdom dancing within flowing life forms the key comes from within the heart, where grow three flowers of Mind, Body and Spirit, just reminding that all for blossom need to go in harmony.

Made with colors pencils, water colors and white acrylic touch on paper.
Original size 50x70 cm

  • PRAY
    The prayings go up and blessings come down from the skies energies..
    Big mountain its supervisor of his land
    converting chaotic thoughts to the flying wisdom birds..

Made with color pencils on paper,
Original size 50x70 cm.

    This creation is about powerful tool we have – our hands. Hands hold a power to create or to destroy. In this drawing hands are using Universal Force, Plasma energy which is avaiable everytime everywhere for all of us to use for co-create with nature, protecting living earth body and all its creations, waters and trees.

Original size 50 x 70 cm
Made with color pencils on brown paper

This is the "Heart Song".
..The birds brings the songs and whisperings from the deep heart to the Universe, sings its songs to the Sky and blossoms through the Flowers..Its one continious dance of the Moment, of that Space that is infinite and all containing..

Made with color pencils and watercolor
Original size 50x70 cm

  • "Flower"
    Our hands is the symbol of our actions; it has such a creative power; in these hands is growing the Light Seed - even maybe we came from roots of confusions or doubts, it always have a potential with will power and intention to grow to a blossoming flower.

Original size 50x70 cm
Made with watercolor and color pencils

  • “The Growth”
    Behind any object, plant or human our eyes perceives, where are many invisible forces, energies and particles participating to create that all this could happen; its like a space where appears all forms-nonstop changeble, moving and breathing..

Original size 50x70 cm
Made with color pencils

“Heaven is right here in the midst of you.”